We need peace

We are Mizrahi Jews, sons of the East, we do not give a flying fuck what western garbage like you think of us, of our country, our religion (and I'm not even remotely religious) and of our place in the Middle East and the world at large (and you have basically erased us out of existence anyway).

Whilst you demonize and shit on our Ashkenazi brethren in your degenerate western nations and project all of your historic crimes and brutalities on to them (many of which you committed on them yourselves), it is us Eastern Jews who hardly differ from the Arabs who are the most Zionist and the most right wing of all. We are the ones who do not give a fuck about your western sensibilities, your western norms and your western culture. We will defend our people and our land without a single fuck given about what you western left wing garbage (and your far right equivalent) think of us.

Know this, we are not pacifist Ashkenazi Jews who have been traumitised by European swine like you for millenia that you can shit on as you please, we are as hateful of you and your filthy degeneracy as much as our Arab cousins are.

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