Need a place to live

Have you found a place?

I went on Airbnb & saw many places for rent, little over your budget but everything is negotiable.

  • Here’s this Place $765 7/1-8/1

  • Then this one $793 8/1-8/31

  • and this one $841 8/31-9/30

As far as your dog goes, he’s your family. Our pets provide emotional support. You can get a letter from your Dr stating that.

Before booking, you’ll have to message the homeowner so they can approve you. Tell them your story. Be honest.

This is your last year in college. You’ve worked your butt off to get to this place & planned living arrangement with some other guys didn’t work out.

I know it doesn’t feel like it, but good things will come out of this situation.

By being pliable, you’re able to adapt. Employers aren’t just looking at skills & talent, they want grit. Someone who makes lemonade when they’re given lemons. Someone who can say they were able to overcome a bad situation & be stronger for it. You’ll have a huge advantage over kids living a cushy life at places like Aspen Heights. Rent in downtown Nashville for a 1BR is about $3K, not including utilities.

If one of these places works out, you could go off the books & pay them directly, every month.

(I’m mother to an incoming freshman. He will be at Cummings Hall.

I work for the 2nd largest employer in the world, but I do remember being a struggling student. I know what it’s like when things come apart at the seams, but you’ll come out stronger.

Keep your eye on the prize-Graduation! It’ll be here sooner than you think & you will be fine!

Message me if you need help!

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