Need to quit my job and find a new one asap [22 f USA]

Yea, it's pretty risky leaving without something lined up. I did it recently. Left a dead end job for a new job which turned out to be one of those out of the frying pan and into the fire situations. I jumped out again just as quickly and without anything in the pipe as a result. But I have backup plans for my backup plans and had savings stashed beforehand jusssssttt in case shit didn't work out. I start another new gig tomorrow after 3 months of part-time/per-diem employment.

Do you have any savings? Side gigs for quick cash? It took me 3 months to get this new gig. Can you weather the storm until something new comes in? Willing to take 1 or 2 shitty retail jobs to hold you over until you finish your new degree and get to work with that? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then I say give your notice and leave. I didn't know how much some jobs just are NOT worth it, until I got that last one. Felt relieved from the day I gave in my resignation letter.

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