We need a slide into crouch type thing.

No we don't. Its goes against the entire slow and methodical movement design in the first place, hence the removal of adad spam. 2ndly, these aren't call of duty soldiers, they're fucking old west bounty hunters trying to make ends meet, it breaks immersion completely as well. So no they wouldn't be just sliding around like dumbasses in a gun fight. Nor is it or ever has it been a reliable tactic in warfare, or gun-fighting in general. If we want to talk about combat and movement implementations can we consider realistic things like leaning, going prone, or any other potential tactic that would actually fit the slow and methodical movement design and the realistic gameplay setting. I'm sorry but I really just despise these suggestions that look like they got the inspiration from call of duty. Try to at least make suggestions that would fit the niche this game attempts to provide.

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