In need of some advice.

I in Sweden because I am actually a national there to. I went there just for the hell of it. My familial situation broke down and then I was left with absolutely nothing for me so I went to sweden.

I got there and found work a few weeks later and everything was fine for a some months. Unfortunately I then ended up breaking my arm which left me unable to work, this was fine as I had saved up enough money to keep my self afloat from work. The money however ended up running out after two months and I've been broke ever since.

I tried to get government aid but the amount is very meagre ($200 a month) and they've refused to put me up in a place because I've shown that 'I don't need help' because I'm not an alcoholic or with a criminal record. I was also told that the fact that I was able to maintain a job for so long and do well for myself was enough for them to say I don't need any further help from the besides the $200 I get each month.

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