Need Some Advice For DDDs

  1. If you don't want Piri Reis Map, you can use the Small World package (3x SW, 1x Eccentrick and some handtraps). Less consistent but you can have more handtraps. LP isn

  2. I rarely use Baronne, but it's good to have it just in case. Zeus regularly gets played when you reach turn 3/4 since most of the time your endboard has an Xyz. Savage is not really that good in D/D/D since it clogs S/T zone and you can't bring it out turn 1 anyways because of xenolocks. Big Alexander is bad.

  3. Zeus is made with Machinex most of the time. That's a reason why he's run at 2 in every D/D/D deck. The Armageddons are way too clunky to summon and the protection isn't good enough.

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