Need Some Customs? Them I'm Your Breeder!

Hey man, if you could, i would like a 31/x/31/31/31/31 modest or timid shiny riolu with a non-ha ability (innerfocus prefered) and the egg moves you have there (vaccumwave is the most important). If it could be female, i would really appreciate it, but i know the female rate on riolus is really low, so it is not necessary, neighter is the fancy ball. If it is male i'd like you to nickname him Anubis or, if female, Tifa.

In exchange I can breed many competitive pokemon for you. If you want, i can even train them to be battle ready (ev training + level 50+). Many of them have its hidden ability, specific hidden power and key egg moves when needed. All you have to do is point out which ones you want and they are yours. You can also ask for more details on the ones you choose.

Here are the ones i currently have: aegislash, blaziken, kangaskhan, azumarill, bisharp, breloom, chansey, charizard, clefable, conkeldurr, extremespeed dragonite, excadrill, ferrothorn, garchomp, gardevoir, gengar, gliscor, gothitelle, greninja, gyarados, heracross, magnezone, mamoswine, mandibuzz, manectric, medicham, metagross, rotom, sableye, salamence, defog scizor, stealth rock skarmory, slowbro, sylveon, talonflame, tyranitar, venusaur, crawdaunt, diggersby, gallade, lopunny, scolipede, smeargle,staraptor, togekiss, volcarona, weavile, absol, aggron, alakazam, ampharos, arcanine, beedrill, blastoise, chandelure, chesnaught, cloyster, crobat, donphan, empoleon, espeon, galvantula, goodra, flygon, haxorus, hippowdon, honchkrow, hydreigon, infernape, kingdra, lucario, machamp, mienshao, milotic, nidoking, noivern, porygon 2 & Z, quagsire, snorlax, starmie, swampert, trevenant, umbreon, vaporeon, froslass, zoroark, ambipom, delphox, dugtrio, exploud, gastrodon, heliolisk, hitmon family, houndoom, jellicent, jolteon, rhyperior, tyrantrum, drifblim, dusclops/dusknoir, electivire, flareon, floatzel, glaceon, golurk, gourgeist small & large, lapras, leafeon, malamar, meowstic, ninetales, politoed, pangoro, raichu, typhlosion, tyrantrum, wigglytuff and whimsicott.

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