I need some help with building a non clutch berserk AR headshot build to help other people complete the raid. I feel like 161368 HP is low and I don't know how to increase it without losing damage

Ahhhh, I still remember when I started doing the raid.. Going for 350k armor + Unbreakable.. Boy I was wrong. I've done the raid prob 20 times now with 190k Armor and 85k HP (no clutch). The lesson I've learned is that dead enemies do 0 damage.

You do need to play a bit differently, like you need to imagine you are instead playing Battlefield where 4/5 bullets will kill you. Still, after practicing with it for a while I just can't see myself going back ever again to a more tanky build, because smoking raid elites in 5 seconds is just too good and satisfying (not to mention ofc, very helpful for the group).

I'll pm my build for you later once the server comes back.

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