We Need To Talk About The Bad Sides of Go

Ha. Well I love Kotlin. I think it's hilarious watching Java devs talk about some crazy future with loom. Kotlin has that and structured concurrency already with coroutines. Coroutines are essentially what loom promises with lightweight threads with non blocking operations. It'll undoubtedly be able to use loom threads as a dispatcher when targeting the JVM whenever that comes but I don't think it'll really impact Kotlin day to day except it'll make old Java libs have better throughput. We've had what loom promises for years.

Over in Java land they're taking about how Rx is going to die off because of loom and what have you. It's funny to me because they could just look at their future now with Kotlin. No Rx didn't die off, Kotlin Flow just made it nicer and easier and it's flourishing.

So yeah, no need to wait for loom. Try Kotlin coroutines today,

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