We need your help, because Black Lives Matter

the majority of police officers are kind hearted souls with a hunger for delivering justice. I respect 99% of police officers and I wish them the best. this whole thing is just a way for edgy and misguided individuals to take out their anger by being defiant against law enforcement. news flash retards, the police are here to protect you. a handful of horrific incidents indicate literally nothing in the bigger picture. this is just a huge exaggeration.

there are over 600k police officers in the united states, the amount of people killed by police officers in the past year is countable by the number of fingers on my hands, we are looking at about .00000735294% of police officers who wrongfully murdered somebody. you have a higher change of being struck and killed by fucking lightning than dying by the hand of a police officer, no matter what your skin color is. ya'll need to chill the fuck out and shut up.

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