I need your worst or most embarrassing party story for my project.

Wall of text!

After a stressful exam season I went clubbing with my classmates. It was one hell of a night and everyone was drunk as fuck and slowly the group got smaller and smaller. When all the bars started to close down we went to one girl's house for an after party which lasted until the early morning, the few who were still standing when she started kicking everyone out went to an after after party for a few more hours.

Now this is where it gets funny. All this time there was this girl who definitely into me and she had been hitting on me all night. I on the other hand just didn't find her attractive, but I kept talking to her anyway because as the group gradually got smaller and smaller I found my self in the position that she was the only person I actually knew at the after after party.

Sometime in the morning everyone is finally utterly exhausted and on the way home. We call two cabs and then start splitting up into them based on where people lived. As it turned out, I and this girl were the only ones heading in a certain direction. So it resulted in us sharing a cab alone while everyone else either went in the second cab or walked home.

This is when she finally worked up the courage to really make a move. Throughout the cab ride she was practically throwing her self at me and as I looked horrified in the rear mirror I caught a glimpse of the cab driver giving me a fucking thumbs up with this "hue hue someones gettin' laid tonight bro" look on his face.

Half way there, she suddenly realizes that she forgot something back at the party and the cab driver is like "oh OK i'll just turn around" to which I loudly protested. I was tired, way too drunk and I was desperate to escape from this chick. The cab driver looked extremely confused but shrugged kept driving to my house.

As we're nearing my home she is constantly getting friskier and friskier and finally I just realized that I needed to GTFO and that RIGHT NOW. So I just stared into the rear mirror again with the most horrified look I could put on, waiting for him to catch a glimpse of me. When he finally did I did this - I don't really know how to describe it - but I raised my hand to my throat and waved it in this "stop. right. fucking. now" motion. He did and I just tossed him some cash and practically ran out of the cab.

Seeing her in next class was awkward.

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