[NeedAdvice] 25 years old. Feel like I won't have a successful future.


Fuck the system, go on youtube and learn something basic. I made money making modded houses in a video game. I made money selling items on diablo 3 even.

There are so many ways to make money. Higher education is for people who can't think for themselves, why do you need education from another school to make something of yourself? You need a dream and a goal, you won't get that being told what to do.

Pick something and just do it, stop looking for answers that should be obvious. The answer is you just need to stop thinking and just do anything for a long period of time, the thing will eventually become something but if you keep thinking so much about it and the not having of it then you will never have it.

Learn HTML, make a website. A website won't make you money but the experience of knowing how to make money might help. Maybe you need to move somewhere smaller where your skills can be appreciated?

Everyone just sits where they started and scratches their heads when there is a small town somewhere that really needs you. Society likes to cramp themselves in cities to bubble the issue, sure you can be good at something but if you can't ace the interview and really show a good first impression then they probably won't accept you into their club.

Stop thinking of the interviews as you not being accepted, was there something about them that you didn't accept? Most places are annoying as fuck, don't you agree? Or are you letting your "accepting," side accept them because you hate yourself and your abilities? Really.. fuck those that don't accept you, the only thing you should be worried about is accepting a company.

And know things as they are, not worse, not better. You have a worthless education.. I didn't even go to school, to pride yourself on that education so heavily that it cripples you in understanding the reality of your current situation... Unemployed for 4 years? Are you crippled physically? Go work at fucking mcdonalds and learn how to invest your money.

EVERYONE can make money, no matter their job.. The idea you can't, the idea you need education, is a scam. Go work at some shit hole that pays you regularly, depend on your parents for a while longer, SAVE AT LEAST 10% of everything you earn, id recommend mooching off your parents for 2 more years and just get a basic job, tell them you need to save everything you make 100% while depending on them for a while longer. Put all that savings in a 2-3yr fixed monthly compounding high interest savings account.. figure something out, read books on money so you become less ignorant on it.

To me you sound very spoiled, 4 years living with your parents and not having to get a job should not be acceptable to you. We are all gifted with intention, you can use it, or lose it.

Weather you view yourself as "better," than someone who works at walmart or just are lazy as fuck, get over it. Man up, you are the highest on the food chain for a reason, prove your worth. This will take 5 years to get out of, at least.. find the beauty in coming to terms with your current situation, you aren't pathetic, very normal for a millennial honestly.

I am 29 and live at my mom's place that she is trying to sell, she is poor, i am poor, were all kinda poor but at one point we all stop being poor.. That point doesn't just happen, you want higher education? You need some real world education first, see what it is like having a 10 hour shift at some shit hole before you deem yourself worthy for the big leagues.

Not EVERYONE should get higher education. Just because you are good at learning doesn't mean you have to go for higher education, learn to sew leather, learn HTML, CSS or PHP.. learn to make games, learn to make videos on your computer.. learn to learn to adapt to life's curve balls..

So many people are educated in something that took 5+ years yet they are nearly all crippled by that same narrow skill, afraid to dip their feet in something out of their comfort zones. Create your opportunities, stop waiting.

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