I Needs a New Kitty. Mine Has Passed :(

Why not try adopting from a shelter first?

Truer words were never spoken.

A long long time ago I went to adopt my very first pets (ones that would be mine, not family pets). I had an idea of what I wanted- 2 girls, fluffy, one black and one tabby. I went to the kittens area and there were so many that it broke my heart. I started talking to them and asking who wanted to come with me?

I walked down the row of cages (there must have been 300 kittys there) and about 3/4 the way down 2 kittys in one cage started talking to me BIG TIME!! There were 4-5 kittys in the cage, but just these 2 were up front and yelling at me. SOLD!!! :)

One was a skinny, but kind of fluffy, black kitty and the other was a more sturdy and very fluffy gray kitty. The attendant took a look and assured me they were both girls... so they came home with me... and they were so happy and they loved me so much and I loved them.

So to make a long story longer, it turns out when it came to neuter them, the gray one was a boy.. oh well, he was mine and I was was his and we loved each other. (I had thought I wanted girls becasue as a kid we had a male who marked the area too much and "they" said it was a male trait... yadda yadda yadda).

So anyway... I spayed and neutered them and I will skip a lot of details about how the poor gray kitty had to have the operation twice, something about one ball had not dropped... grrrrrrrr.... anyway.

TL/DR It turned out the fluffy gray was a Maine Coon, which at the time I adopted him I had never heard of. Someone came over one time when they were 2-3 and told me he was MC. At first I thought they were cussing at me and insulting my cat... lol.

But over the years that gray ktty grew to be a 25 pound fluffy love monster. He was basically my Dog. He was so awesome... and he cost nothing but minimal fees. And his whole life it seemed like he constantly thanked me for saving him. The black kitty was kind of nutty, but she slept with me every night and love me so much. She was my baby.

TL/DR You might be very very surprised just going to an animal shelter around kitty times and seeing that you will be found by the best kitty ever. I thought I knew what I wanted, but I didn't... and becasue I was flexible I discovered the best bred of kittys ever. Maine Coons. That gray 25 pound fluffy monster was... ... wiping tear... ... I look truly forward to the day i cross the rainbow bridge and see him (and all my pets) again.

TL/DR (really this time) The shelters are full, go there to find a kitty... they will be eternally grateful to you.

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