This needs to be said

Good! You can consider it having fucked off the internet, just for you. You don't have to look at it.

Yet, you have shared your negative opinions -- and that means that you care enough about it to actively state your opinions about it. (The alternative is, "you think that those who read it and like it are so pathetic that you can be a dick to them with impunity, and you're just looking to be a dick to some group that you can feel morally superior to", which I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt in not ascribing to you immediately even though your behavior pattern-matches the troll archetype.) What would you rather see different about the story? How do you think the story would be different, if the things you don't like were addressed? How would you address them?

If you don't like it, you could always write fanfic to fix some of the glaring problems you see in it (and share your headcanon). And then you can share it and have people perhaps liking your interpretation as much as or maybe even more than the original source material. Everybody wins, in that case.

Yeah, there are shortcomings, and some of these shortcomings are quite serious impediments to bringing in new readers. But you know what? Not everybody is awesome at storytelling, and this is both the author's and the artist's first foray into storytelling in this format. I like the concept of the world, and some of the characters Jihan/Jee-Han has interacted with. (I'm even kinda annoyed that he completely ignored the fact that Sun-Il was basically trying to flirt with him through the entirety of Volume I. Yeah, I'm one of those dirty Sun-Il/Jee-Han shippers, and I think Sae-Young basically decided to beat the crap out of Jee-Han because he was being so oblivious of her cousin -- who still cares deeply about him, and is very afraid of the danger he's kicking up.)

You make valid points above, and I'm not going to try to argue about them. We have a world where Jee-Han is basically realizing he despises everything he sees about how it works, because it doesn't match what his non-Abyssal society has taught him life should be like, and what people can expect. He's becoming dangerous to the Abyss's status quo, and he hasn't yet accepted that the world of the Abyss works differently than he was taught that the world should work. He thinks he can just stroll in and be the new sheriff in town.

So, we're going to see the Abyss gang up on him to shut him down. It'll be interesting to see how long he can withstand it, and it will also be interesting to see if he's actually invincible or if he can be seriously hurt. But I don't foresee him actually changing the way the Abyss works -- he'd have to take on the entirety of the Ninth Gate, and he wouldn't have been able to deal with even one member of the Corporation that tried to go after his teacher.

His teacher definitely still owes him a solid -- and I don't think that simply sending the Witch of Carnage and her druid to the area to keep the cleaners at bay really qualifies (since that happened long before Jee-Han saved his life and independence).

There are definitely dark spots -- and much of what we are seeing is Jee-Han's lackadaisical attitude (the downside of being a gamer is that you tend to expect everything to already be set out for you when you stroll into the game) that's going to start turning around and biting him in the arse. We've only just seen that there are things moving in the background, now that the Harem King has essentially removed his protection; now, the issue is going to be "just how much is Chunbumoon going to act to defend its fool?"

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