Negligence at S. Korea hospital 'killed four babies'

For some reason people keep being shocked at the extreme negligence in South Korean hospitals.

I've had to argue with nurses and doctors to convince them to put on gloves.

That's the least of what I've seen in Seoul and Busan, not to mention smaller hospitals in Chungnam province and Jeolla.

South Korean hospitals are a perfect microcosm of South Korea: billions spent on the best infrastructure money can buy, billions spent so that everyone is educated to know the international standards for what's right and what's wrong... all of that out the window because 빨리 빨리 someone more senior than you expects you to hurry up and do what they say.

If you need a standard, assembly line procedure, typically South Korea can get you in, handled and out with no problems.

If you need something non-standard by even a micrometer, or if anything goes remotely wrong in any way, then good luck: your life depends on who's working that day, how often they purchased exam answers to pass school, and how arrogant they became after graduation.

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