Neighbour filmed Florida school shooter doing target practice in Donald Trump MAGA cap just months before massacre

It still is puzzling why the neighbor recorded it. I live in Parkland and it's a safe area and a lot of people take that for granted. Some people leave garage doors open all night, jog opposing to traffic at the main roads, and yet I haven't heard anything that went wrong. The police are commonly in patrol and I can verify that they take their jobs seriously. Even though firing an airsoft gun outside could've predicted what occurred lastWednesday, there are still several kids out there who would use them the same way Nikolas did so it renders as a common sight.

Everyone wants to do everything that could've been possible to prevent this tragedy. I knew a selective few who have fallen, and yet how could we diagnose a potential terrorist from activities that are held in common practice?

No one wants to monitorer by the government every second of their lives, but then it's those people who complain that they have something serious to hide from the FBI. Then again everyone has secrets; if the information plays in the wrong hands, or gets misinterpreted, a whole set of problems would unveil itself

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