Neil deGrasse Tyson Defends Scientology: It's No Different Than Judaism, Christianity

It is sickening to listen to hypocrites like you claim to be tolerant and are clearly just the opposite.

You're a hateful one aren't you. Just for the record, I'm not tolerant and never claimed to be. Religion is a detriment to society and those beliefs should be ridiculed and mocked.

Orders of magnitude greater than 50 million killed by Stalin?

That's one atrocity that's not even directly related to atheism. It wasn't done because of, or in the name of, atheism. What I meant by orders of magnitude is that I doubt you can name one atrocity that is directly related to atheism; that was done in the name of atheism. However, I can name hundreds of incidents that are done in the name of religion. One other thing. I don't revere Stalin or Hitler. I don't respect them in the slightest. There are people, however, that agree with, and revere, people who committed atrocities in the name of religion and atrocities within religious texts.

I don't hold any ill will towards those who do nor do I blame them for what people did 100's and 1000's of years ago.

Neither do I. I blame the religion that enables people to commit these atrocities. It continues to do so today. It's history and religious texts are littered with murder. It's not acceptable. Period. Especially when it's based on such an un-justified belief.

Try practicing what you "preach".

I do. I "preach" that it's un-ethical to hold extra-ordinary beliefs with absolutely no supporting evidence. It's even more un-ethical to use these un-justified beliefs to justify murder.

Being a good person is expected regardless of religion. You shouldn't be praised because your religion told you to be a decent human being and it doesn't make up for a couple thousand years of murder and oppression. Religion is a detriment to society and intellectual honesty.

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