Neil Olshey Talks Deadline Moves

Jrue was an All Star PG and top defender, he's only not been that in New Orleans because of injury (and is coming back strong recently). Nerlens is a big who can't play next to the other dozen big men Philly has drafted (won't ever have to worry about playing next to Embiid or Saric though). Okafor's off court problems are massive issues. He's fist fighting people in public, doing damn near 100 MPH on the road. I can tell you've never had a job managing people or dealing with any serious organization if you nod that off like it's no big deal. Embiid is useless because he might make Greg Oden look like Shaq if he never suits up and plays. Saric might as well be a ghost because he may or may not be in the NBA, and even if he does come he's completely 100% unproven. Worth less than Elfrid Payton, who at least suits up.

All the assets and cute trades in the world mean nothing if you don't turn them into on court production, if you don't turn them into wins. The people who have a "title or tank" mentality are delusional. 9 NBA franchises have won the last 29 NBA championships dating back to 1984. And DAL/GSW were the one offs, 7 franchises have the last 27 NBA titles between them.

Being abysmal, unwatchable and embarrassing for 5 seasons is not just a horrendous strategy but it's terrible for the game. The Warriors never tankers they actually drafted their most important players outside the top 5 (Curry & Dray) and lured FA's like Iggy to them by being a good playoff team. Dallas was a playoff contender for 10 years before they got over the hump and won a title. The closest any team has ever come to "tanking" before winning a title was Miami, who definitely didn't tank. They just cleared cap space to sign Free Agents in the summer of 2010. Even Cleveland had 3 number 1 picks in 4 years! And that's definitely not why they made the Finals last year, after those picks the Cavs were still an embarrassing mess. Kyrie or no Kyrie. Then Lebron decides he's coming home so they get Kevin Love and overpay for a bunch of role players in a weak East. Good luck to any team trying to get that to roll their way.

Shabazz, Dieng, Bjelica, even Tyus Jones are great NBA prospects. You need to watch more basketball, plain & simple. Don't know how anyone can pretend a 7 footer who hasn't played one minute in two years is in any way better than a 7 footer who's averaging 13 & 10 per 36 minutes (Dieng).

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