Nekros prime twitch reward

Direct statement from when I submitted ticket:

Thank you for contacting us and please note that we really do appreciate your patience. With time-sensitive, complex promotions like this; we do understand that it doesn't take much for something to cause a user to miss out on the rewards and we are constantly working at improving this system with Twitch/Mixer/Steam in order to simplify the process and to solidify the connection to prevent users from missing out.

We can officially confirm that all drops have been sent out to all eligible accounts. If you find yourself missing the Nekros Prime drop, we can assist you in ensuring your connection is solid for future promotions; but unfortunately we are not able to add this item to your account. It is possible a disconnect may have occurred due to overloaded twitch/mixer/steam servers, which could have lead users to only receive one of the drops before having to re-link their accounts. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

Twitter Announcement (after i made this post):

TennoCon attendees should now have their Lotus Ephemera and Nekros Primel

lf you're still waiting on yours from watching at home, it may take until Saturday to be delivered. Thanks for your patience!

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