Neotropical Anole Isn't Using Left Hind Leg - Photos

I mean...

This is the last time I will ever come to *laugh* reddit for animal care advice.

But thanks. All this grief and that's basically the info I was looking for.

Just, a well rounded, half way idea of the possibilities of what it could be and why the vet would be the best bet.

With all due respect, I'd appreciate it if you could remove that other post.

If not, its fine by me, I KNOW I care for my animals and that's really all that matters.

But I really don't appreciate people slandering me over soliciting a public forum for health advice with my animal. There's nothing wrong with doing that. There's also nothing wrong with my animals husbandry. I could dust a bit more, for sure, but there is nothing that I could have known to do or could have done to prevent w/e ailment he's dealing with right now.

If it is MBD and it was because I wasn't dusting enough, I'll come back to my original thread and say so. I'm transparent.

Just disgusting to me that these people are trying to paint this picture of me like I'm trying to avoid proper care for my animal when its actually just that I prefer to have an idea of what I'm walking into before going to the vet.

If you go back far enough, you'll find posts about my kitty. My kitty passed away from ATE. It's basically kitty heart disease. She had a clot form in her heart - it eventually made it into her hips. She was at the vet every month for a year and a half getting 180$ storied shots...

we took our dog to the vet last week because he was apparently dizzy, that's neurological, he got into a peanut donut from the garbage, we thought that was related - we RUSHED him - they said it was vertigo from old age. nbd.

He was literally dead the next morning in our living room.

like...I'd just appreciate it if that post was removed. It was way out of context. Bs that people asking for help get targeted like that.

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