Nepal announces country-wide lockdown from March 23rd. A country with 0 active Covid-19 cases.

A guy from Kathmandu here:

There's so much fear going around. But "0 active" cases definitely doesn't imply we are safe. The reason lies somewhere in the insufficiency of performing the test itself. Most of the people who get some flick of 'flu-like' symptons (or maybe covid-19?) go for the only hospital that seems to do the tests. However, they aren't even tested and just turned away. Kinda suck, right?

So, yeah. We lack the "proper" testing system. And that is why this lockdown will be helpful, if not the least, to slow down the spread. We just cannot overlook the spread rate of covid-19 itself I guess.

Again, most of the people are eaten by the fear itself. But that's that. Prevention is better than cure. So yeah! People have started buying stockpiles of items to self-sustain during the lockdown (at least that's what I am seeing in my area these days).

Let's hope proper testing kits will be available to many hospitals!

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