"Nepal ma kei kura ko pani scope xaina." Teachers say it . What kind of fuckin teachers are they? out of 10, 9 copy and paste on their students mind. Toxic indoctrination. Well i was taught that way.

There are several money making industry here in Nepal like Social working,Governemtal Job and still they chose to become a teacher

Research properly friend. Those government officers don't earn much(corruption is not source of income, it is a crime; and almost all get caught at the end).

Nobody becomes a teacher given that they could do government job in Nepal. Although salary of teacher might be somehow more(but depends on which subject he is taking).

I agree that teaching should be a passion. But, we don't need to wait for good and passionate teachers, we are living in a time where everything is digital. If we really wanted change, we could replace those teachers with online teachers. If that doesn't work better, we can always revert back.

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