Nephew beats the living hell out of his uncle for raping his girlfriend...redditors rush in to "just ask questions" and "play devil's advocate" and "confirm all the facts" about whether the victim is a 'lying, cheating slut'

Ok, listen. Chill with the caps. I work in law. An accusation doesn't mean much. Plaintiff's and Defendant's attorneys will paint you the most convincing story but its up to the evidence to determine the truth of the matter and even then it's up to a jury to decide what evidence is credible.

If someone said they were raped, there is a slew of information needed to make any kind of determination as to the truth of the matter.
In this instance (And granted I didn't read the article at first, dude does have a rapey vibe - though that too is an unfair stereotype) So let me just generalize and take away the picture and say it was an uncle who was with a nephew's gf and the nephew heard moaning. We will say it's any case USA with these factors. No witnesses or evidence of struggle aside from nephew.

Lets look at both sides: You need to asses their character and background as to their credibility.

Uncle: What kind of guy is he? Close relationship with the family and nephew? Any criminal past? Healthy past relationships? (or current)

Girl: Age? length of relationship with nephew? healthy relationship? Past relationships healthy or unhealthy? Any criminal past? How long has she known the Uncle? Does she see him often around and interact or not at all?

Nephew: Similar questions as above but also how many relationships has he been in. Has this one been stable?

Granted these are more for profiling the truth rather than what would actually come out in court but let me tell you I get to see people lie through their teeth all the time for a variety of reasons and especially to save their own ass.

I'd see your appologists/denialists comment and raise you that people who shoot first and ask questions later with assumptions are more pants-crappingly stupid.

It's one thing if it's a murder or something, obviously the victim doesn't want that. But in a rape, even in a situation where a female does consent, with the same set of facts given motivation a woman can call a consenting act rape. Like seriously, using your line of thinking, a woman who is actually INTO rape fantasy sex could have a ton of it and then decide later it was rape, because she decides at a later time she didn't want it. Nobody can go back in time and read the person's mind. We can only take their word for it and look at the evidence.

In this situation, this girl is in a relationship with the nephew. So already there is a dynamic there where the Uncle has a lot to lose, and the girl is risking a lot if it was something she wanted. So being caught in an act, consenting or not. It's either rape or a SERIOUSLY fucked up situation to explain which would crush your relationship, possibly reputation among other consequences. Pretty much both sides of that coin are going to destroy someone.

But look at that Lacrosse case in the Carolinas. I'm sure you were jumping up and down wanting those kids to fry. We all know how that turned out.

So maybe it is just that you think people are arguing against a black and white rape case. No, rape is rape, yeah. That is if you are assuming everyone is being truthful and the facts support it. But you aren't them and theres a lot of fucked up relationships out there that would make your head spin with all the crazy shit that goes on, even aside from rape. So forgive a weathered person who has seen a lot of shit for being cynical.

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