Nerdcore Is Explicitly Anticapitalist

So does that mean your original post is invalid because the longer you stay a nerdcore artist the less it's about the music and more about peddling merch? I mean YTCracker is a straight up anarcho capitalist does that mean nerdcore is all about pumping and dumping?

link to needcore song about just that

Of course artists write songs about something. The same way a painter paints with something in mind. Nobody is arguing that because it's a fact. I'm saying the fan base does not give one single fuck. The way it hits someones brain will almost always be different from the original intention.

All well I guess I should have listened to front

Nerdcore was born from kids who got their ass kicked for not liking the same things as the mainstream. Now it's all about the same shit everyone loves and that was an amazing transformation

Where we started Where we are now

Take this it will help you prove your point

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