Nerlens Noel looks to have been knocked unconscious to the floor, stretcher coming out

OK so you want to compare a real life situation to something that is scripted plus the circumstances are totally different. Your example is a light-hearted poker game where a player opts not to take a risk and may or may not lose money then gets criticized for it whereas what we have been talking about is a competitive basketball game where a player suffers a concussion that could've been fatal then is also criticized for it.

We've talked about this rule 3 times already and it's don't be a jerk. That's a jerk thing to say. So maybe you can stop dancing around that and admit that I'm right b/c bro, it's right there in plain English for you. It's not hard to understand hence why I'm also calling you stupid. Maybe stupid is not the right word, maybe that's too harsh. How about slow? You're being slow.

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