Netanyahu: Erdogan can't lecture us on morality — "Erdogan, the occupier of northern Cyprus, whose army massacres women and children in Kurdish villages, inside Turkey and outside it – will not lecture Israel on morality," said Netanyahu.

I just said your posting history is filled with ISRAELI conspiracy theories lmao, Reading comprehension is a problem down there?

Again... verifiable facts are not conspiracy theories. And just because you think some mass hallucination in the sky gave you a divine right to control a land and its people does not justify anything. Just means you're mentally ill and should be pitied

Nothing, The fact you started with your racial identity is hilarious though

There you go proving how stupid you are again. In a thread how Israel harasses the few Palestinians that it grants movement too. And ironically categorizes them with a series of numbers (wtf?) on a little golden sticker (wtf?). Then the race of the person is relevant. It was a conversation about racism at your airport not So its relevant

You sound like a racist troll tbh, How about that?

You sound like a typical a moron. How about that ? Are you MAGA'ing :)

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