never forget

Preach brother!

This meme is like a perfect example of why, I think, George has lost his “fire” for the series.

I mean, the ending has already been revealed. As the series began 24 years ago, hardcore fans have had plenty of time to analyze the story and share their own theories on what can happen.

He began the series in 1991 for Christ’s sake and basically got kicked off his own show by D&D half-way through.

He’s in the twilight of his life and probably just wants to focus on less stressful projects that he enjoys.

I would love to have a completed ASOIAF series, but I don’t blame the man on a personal level for not wanting to finish it.

Hell, I’ve already made memories with friends at watch parties and hour-long discussions about what’s going to happen. It was a fun part of my life no matter what happens from here on out.

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