Never had a friend in my life 17/m

Ss for the context of why i get angry i live in this pretty small town with a small school making it pretty easy to team up on me or spread rumors. Specifically there's this group of kids that have tortured me for as long as i remember resulting in me even getting into a physical fight with one of the kids in the group, when we were in science class we had these projects to make boats out of this hard farm with tiny glass shards in it (almost like what you'd find in your attic just w/o the cotton) and as we were standing in line turning in our boat projects that one kid from the group called out my name from behind me and when i turned around he has crushed this harm foam into small bits and he blew it straight into my eyes resulting in me swinging at him (and missing) then as he was laughing at me while backing up at the same time i chased him, he jumped over a table, then i just stood in front of the table and threw a chair at him. Obviously when the school police officer came in that ended very quickly before i could even make it to him. After that it's only gotten so much worse physically, i'd come home with bruises and my father would only tell me one thing and that was to fight back at the bullies. He doesn't know the difference between now and when he was a child, kids fight in groups there's no such thing as one on one anymore. If i even try i'll get my ass kicked by the whole clique. I have tried socializing when i was younger but everyone figured out quickly that they don't want to hang with me and i don't know why. I feel like i can have a good personality but i'm hidden behind anger at everyone. The most a teacher ever did for me is say "stop" when one of the kids in the group hit me in the shoulder for no reason. They just happened to walk past me to turn in their papers and hit me. What should i do? Should i keep fighting back? Should i try to be more diplomatic?

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