I have never had a good haircut and I am 25

I'm sort of rich and I cut my own hair. Seems like one of the easiest cost savings in modern life. I keep my hair fairly short, so it's easy for me. You buy a pair of $20 clippers, about the price of a haircut, and then every other haircut is free. I end up replacing the clippers about every 5 years on average, but I go for the cheap plastic rechargeable ones and the "professional" ones always seem to be plug-in still.

Either way, a $20 a month for 5 years, that's like $1200. And I don't have to explain to someone how I like it. AND I can touch it up as needed. I've only had one situation in however long I've been cutting my own hair where I messed it up: I was switching between two guards and forgot to put one back on and went back over a spot again without a guard on, so I basically buzzed one pass at my hair. I had to give myself a buzz cut, but it grew back. It always does :D

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