Never let your Baby sit near an edge, because this might happen

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Never let your Baby sit near an edge, because this might happen 1776 7hrs gifs 68
What could possibly go wrong?! 431 4mos funny 25
I'd live but you won't let me. 46 5mos GifSound 2
Baby's got the disco fever 34 7mos GifSound 2
Why babies shouldn't sit on ledges... 83 7mos gifs 4
Don't leave a baby on a counter 675 10mos Unexpected 27
Tiny Tim Strikes Again! 3 1yr GifSound 0
Possibly a better match than disco... 7 1yr GifSound 0
Burn, baby BURN 15 1yr GifSound 1
Don't leave baby on ledges or the devil will take them. 37 1yr GifSound 1
I was told to leave this here 56 1yr funny 8
Dont leave a baby on a ledge 1589 1yr WTF 663
don't leave a baby on a counter 354 1yr Unexpected 23
Animatronic baby catches fire. 43 1yr gifs 12
Babies hate ledges 1yr GifSound
An appropriate reaction to a song this intense. 74 1yr GifSound 6
How most things react to Amon Amarth. 0 1yr GifSound 0
A baby by a sink (x-post from /r/SurrealGifs) 284 1yr Unexpected 25
Baby's on fire! 9 1yr GifSound 2
So You're Going to Be a Dad... 34 1yr GifSound 6
I hate it when that happens... 14 1yr GifSound 6
Sorry, I'm so sorry. 1yr GifSound
Disco Inferno! 6 1yr GifSound 5
The Dangers Of Leaving Your Child Unattended 1484 1yr funny 302
Babies should never be left on ledges alone. (gif) 15 1yr funny 10
Just when you thought it was safe to leave your baby unattended 32 1yr GifSound 3
Well that escalated quickly 357 1yr gifs 11
Since becoming a dad, I've been having the weirdest nightmares. 26 1yr gifs 1
They don't actually do this do they? 57 1yr gifs 9
How It feels putting icy hot on your chest after coming in from shoveling snow. 30 2yrs funny 8
Magic moments 1 2yrs GifSound 0
The God of Hellfire! 2yrs GifSound
Fiya -3 2yrs GifSound 1
This Girl is on fire! 0 2yrs GifSound 6
Just had too... 2yrs GifSound
"Light my fire". 81 2yrs GifSound 5
Lord Jesus... 1 2yrs GifSound 0
Effects of Heavy Bass on Infants -1 2yrs GifSound 0
On fire you say? 10 2yrs GifSound 2
She's REALLY on fire. 2yrs GifSound
My Baby's on Fire! 2yrs GifSound
Baby's on fire. 2yrs GifSound
Burn baby burn. 1 2yrs GifSound 1
Disco Inferno! 3 2yrs GifSound 1
He walks among us 0 2yrs GifSound 0
She's on fire!! 103 2yrs GifSound 12
Welcome to Obama's America 263 2yrs ThanksObama 12
I HATE it when this happens 1331 2yrs WTF 573
Spontaneous Combustion 231 2yrs WTF 31
Burn Baby Burn 3 2yrs GifSound 3

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