They say, "Never meet your heroes." What cars did you admire only to be disappointed when driving/owing them?

The size of the car is part of it. With SUVs getting larger and larger, passing them and large semis on the highway makes it precarious.

The radio speakers sound like 2 iPads on each side streaming music. Luckily mine had a double-din so I could at least plug in my phone for Apple Play.

The steering wheel is the same as my 2008 Mazda 6, anemic and economy car. It tilted but didn't telescope, so you never really felt like your driving position was made for you.

With the car being so low, you get a lot of rock chips in your windshield and would be blinded by bug guts or oncoming traffic headlights.

List goes on.

Will I get another one? Maybe. I just wasn't prepared to have it as my only car and all the creature comforts I was giving up.

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