I never really wanted to be a scientist.

Same! I grew up in a science household, my father was a chemist and forensic scientist and taught me all kinds of experiments. I idolized Bill Nye and Mr Wizard. I was a tour guide at the local science museum throughout high school. Went to college for molecular biology and have worked in various labs for 10 years and I'm miserable. Such tedious and monotonous work, and being employed by the pharma industry is soul crushing. I realize I loved communicating about science and sharing my knowledge with others, so I'm now back in school getting my credential to teach middle school science. I feel like this is the most realistic career choice that will help inspire youngsters to fall in love with science the way I did, but having actual industry experience will help me connect content to real world applications and help kids get a better feel for what a science career is actually like. And honestly, lab work doesn't pay much these days... being a teacher pays pretty well (at least in my state) and there's job security in being in a STEM discipline. Maybe you might benefit from a career switch that taps into your enthusiasm for science communication?

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