They never said they wouldn't do DLC items. [Insert Emperor Palpatine laugh]

Seriously tho at this point I don't understand how you can continue trusting these people that continue to fuck you over. If they try to milk your pocket as much as possible over and over, see the backlash and then go oh no our new game doesn't have a few keywords of things you hate. That doesn't mean they won't find a way to fuck you. Look at things like ac oddesseys xp boosts. At the end of the day your just a stack of money to these companies and they just want a good enough image for a short time long enough to grab your attention with something they know you want - like a new star wars game that's good (unlike the few they garbage ones they already made but ..... Just forget that, look at this shiny new thing) Or a new elder scrolls Fuck you Todd and fuck you ea

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