‘Never seen it this bad’: America faces catastrophic teacher shortage

That's bullshit stop reading bullshit media stories by retarded journalists.

Here's the ACTUAL details:

The user manual for interpreting the Wonderlic test scores contains a table of recommended minimum test scores for a range of occupations. Wonderlic User�s Manual, Def.�s Ex. 3 at 28-29. The suggested minimum score for a patrol officer is 22. Id. at 29. The manual suggests that for most hiring decisions an appropriate test score may range from two points below the suggested score to six points above it. Id. at 6. Elsewhere, the recommended range for a police patrolman is given as, approximately, 18 to 30. Wonderlic Employee Turnover Report, Def�s. Ex. 5 at 10. Plaintiff scored a 33 on the exam. Am. Compl. at P 17.

The City is probably stupid, just followed Wonderlic which I'm guessing is an academic think tanks recommendations.

MOST municipalities especially well run ones want the best and brightest for LE. That said rarely the best and brightest go into law enforcement because of other opportunities available - there has to be deep seated desire. Most LE I know work pretty hard - it's not hard to make $100-$150k after 5 years elsewhere although the bennies are pretty damn good.

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