Never tell me the odds..

Context: I was playing Rumble and both random teammates left after the first goal was scored after 10 seconds. Usually I would just call it quits and leave without the penalty, but because I barely play rumble my MMR is sitting at Platinum 2, so I thought I would give it a go to see how 3 Plats do against a Champ 3. To my surprise, it was a nail-bitingly close game. I initially scored 3 in a row on them, but then they figured out how to use their powerups to just keep me away from the ball. I started adapting and I was up 6-5 with thirty seconds left, but a bad read on a magnet left me out of the play. Thirty seconds into OT, I got teleported away from the ball and there was nothing I could do against the ball that was rolling into my net. It was a disappointing ending, but a very fascinating experiment. Would recommend.

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