Never thought I would see it, but recent reviews of POE on steam has now dropped under 50% positive.

I always play one build to level up and the same build at endgame: Cast on Critical Strike Ice Nova Assassin. It's just fun for me to buzzsaw through the enemies and generally play with friends. I'm a casual player compared to most, but I don't mind being a bit slower. I just don't want to waste time.

This time around I'm dying more. I run out of mana more. I need to use flasks like piano keys a lot earlier in the game and for less fun reasons. I went from running up to enemies, killing a pack, and occasionally circling/zigzaging them to kill to attack, attack, out of mana, flasks, attack, out of mana, run away, run away, run away, run away, run away, die or attack, attack, out of mana, die.

I'm sure I could find some build that works well enough and muddle through. That isn't what I want to play or how I want my game to go. I'd rather play something else so I did

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