Never thought I would post here

I think your probably a good person with alot going on inside sometimes i guess maybe you can mksread people because of what your thinking in your own head.

For example if somebody cant look directly at you it could mean they are nervous around you or they like you or something i guess.

If people seem annoyed with you its not always about "you". Thats something i have come to learn they could just have alot on their mind that has nothing to do with you and are dismissive of everything right now in their lives not just you specifically.

The interesting thi g you said is you feel EVERYONE is sudeldenly annoyed with you. Why would everyone be annoyed with you all at the same time from friends family and co workers? I could get them being annoyed ag seperate times but all at the same time makes me think something has you down and thats making you feel like others are at you k think.

I could be wrong but based off what you said its what i think. I could see if you were 40 working a dead end job but your 19 you dont think you can jump into the ceos chair do you lol.

Your being way to hard on yourself and your situation i have my moments of dramatic thoughts as well so i think i get how you feel. I think your overthinking though i hope you feel better think about all this stuff and take a nice long nap that always helps me when im down.

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