Neville: "I wouldn't want to be a defender in a team where Sancho, Greenwood, Pogba, Ronaldo and Fernandes are playing at the same time. There's reason Neville, Butt, O'Shea, Cleverley got a game over the years... The team is unbalanced."

He stop short of calling out his mate.

In most operations, you don't go out and buy players to fit in positions. There would be times, you try to mold players /do a bit of pre-game prep / adaptations to fulfil what is needed to win the game. (OGS seems clueless over the situation)

Under Fergie, it's would be total rubbish to think only certain players can fulfil needed roles. 6 defenders out-attacking top team, Carrick/Fletcher doing a defensive pairing for 1/3 of the season. (OGS is of course not Fergie, but he needs to learn)

If you wanted to sign Ronaldo and Sancho, shouldn't a coach have in mind how the players come together in a team? (Still no signs how his team gonna work this season) Or how the existing players would need / can move into new roles? Perhaps, train them differently? (He comes out in post-match asking "What do we need?")

What is imbalance? To know and yet dream, all the attacker in the teams can work together and give you goals. To ignore the obvious and hope the no-bite midfield can work their way out miraculously. That is all naivety and laziness.

You can't always be the nice guy, the manager has to make choices who to sacrifice, who starts, who stays, who attack, who helps the midfield. Zero to date.

(Cavani is like the only player that knows the situation. He's 34, maybe injured, doesn't start much.)

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