New - RBR850 / RBS850 Firmware Version v4.6.3.9 Released

RBR850 in AP mode After updating to (rbr850 and rbs850 s) lost CONNECTION (wireless) to my two satellites (RBS850). Tried wired (backbone), works. Switched to router mode all fine (wireless and wired) Also when in AP mode, when RBR850 is connected to the main router (pfsense) via the internet port, it gets into a loop of dropping the wifi (RBR850 WIFI appears for 15 sec then drops and then appears and drops and so on) When the router is plugged in any other Lan port of RBR850, wifi of RBR850 is stable. Tried factory reset, fixed ip, ax off, daysaving off, metered off, in all combinations) Also sync in router mode and fixing the addresses of all 3 to what they are in ap mode. This seemed to work for 5min and then lost connection to satellites. (always with router going in to lan port of rbr850 not internet port as this drops wifi)

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