New $12.6M STEM Center Coming to Downtown Ypsilanti

I was hesitant to say anything because I would hope more jobs are good for the community and bringing more science jobs. But having worked in an miad Q building I really can't support this... The building constantly had leaking brown Water we would come in every day after a rain and find five new places where we had to put buckets down and this was in a extremely expensive highly technical research laboratory. It was a joke working in that building because it was practically falling apart. I don't have a lot of interaction with Mark Smith personally but from what my colleagues say he is a bit of a cheapskate, I guess we can tell from the constantly leaking ceiling. Repair request took forever, constantly water problems in the bathroom where the toilets just don't flush and it goes on for weeks so you go into the bathroom and it's just full of crap essentially in like half the toilets. At the same time they're renovating new spaces to rent out two more tenants but they're not taking care of the spaces they currently have. It's just disappointing and I wish there was more accountability for Mark Smith to take better care of the building. Oh also constant issues with the HVAC heating and cooling, having odors from other labs just walked into our our office space and lab and not even knowing if it was safe to still be there. It was a beautiful space to work in but the constant problems were just not worth it. You don't want to come in and see leaking brown Water destroying a $400,000 piece of equipment. I personally had samples ruined from the week and water and also we can water onto my office space like my desk itself.

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