New "affordable" studio apartments opening downtown, 357 Sq Ft, $800 a month.

Oh, I make a lot more than $25k a year. However, I have empathy for others. We're not all born white to a middle-class family that could afford to feed me healthy food and let me study instead of putting me to work. Not everyone has the same opportunities. I recognize that I had more given to me than most people in this world will die having ever had.

The difference between you and I is that I'm not going to say sorry, this is the best we can do! Thousands of years of humanity and capitalism is the BEST we can do, so go home everyone with your competing ideas, we've already figured it all out! There's always someone in the group that would have been happy if we'd just stayed cave people, thinking that we knew it all once we figured out fire and pointy sticks. But I'm not that person - aim higher! Don't set the bar so fucking low.

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