A new ally has entered the fray.

Non-college-educated white voters used to solidly belong to Democrats, and college-educated white voters to Republicans. Several events over the past six decades have caused these allegiances to switch, the most recent being the candidacy, election, and presidency of Donald Trump.

If you look at white people who voted for Trump—both those with college degrees and those without—and identify everybody with a high level of resentment toward minorities, women, and Muslims, as well as those who want an arrogant, assertive leader, there’s almost no one left.

The growing diploma divide is less a result of non-college-educated white voters becoming Republicans, and more of college-educated white voters finding that they can’t fully support the party anymore.

Sixty-seven percent of Republicans, the survey found, had “some” to “little” confidence in colleges as institutions.

“The next big Republican culture war will be a war on college.”

The diploma divide is wide, and the closer Republicans embrace Trump, the wider it may get.

I don't think they ever cared about economics :D

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