New Anti-Sexual harassment/violence campaign

I imagine that I would've come across this

I've never seen a person get mugged, yet I would not dare to doubt someone who tells me that it happens quite frequently. And, well, I personally know people (plural) to whom it's happened - the example in the video, not the mugging. People get taken advantage of at parties. People assault intoxicated people all the time. You can't seriously deny that it happens because you haven't been there to witness it. Again, if you were at parties where no one got assaulted, good for you! I mean that genuinely. It means you and your peers are good, functional, members of society, as are most people, but some aren't, and that's the people the ad is trying to reach.

As for the photos, yeah people should be careful, but people should also not be dicks about spreading the photos. Human decency applies, even if the original person was being careless. And also, these are kids they are addressing. Kids need to be taught things (that's why online and texting vigilance is part of the new sex-ed curriculum) and those things include "be careful about photos" but also "don't be a dick about photos". And again, you assume all "loose" photos were taken and sent by the person in the photo. That's not always the case. And also, if they're under 18, everyone who has the photos can be in trouble, hence the need to educate everyone involved, sender and receiver.

This part about the POV I addressed in the other reply to you so I'll skip it here.

I don't know about that narrative, because yes, they do try to teach boys not to rape, but they also try to teach girls not to become victims. So it goes both ways. Both are learning something that while good to know "don't hurt others/protect yourself", it is also gendered in ways it perhaps doesn't need to be. Teach people not to harm others perhaps might be a better message. But they are also basing their teaching on the statistics they believe are reliable.

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