The new Ben and Ashley I podcast with Ashley Spivey was so amazing and powerful. Wow.

Ashley was extremely mean-spirited. I am very sorry she has experienced the trauma and loss she has in her life, but that doesn't give her a pass to attack people on twitter. If she genuinely wants to be progressive and make change, she needs to learn a better delivery method. Kindly and respectfully addressing/responding to Ben's tweet the other day could have opened healthy, productive dialogue. Instead, however, she chose to go the antagonistic route.

I know a lot of people respect Ashley for standing up for minority issues on twitter, but as long as she continues to be antagonistic and self-righteous in the way she speaks to others, she will be making very little change. No one wants to listen to bullies, and that's what Ashley does to people (bully them) that don't agree with her. In order to foster change, you have to be peaceful in your delivery, or no one will want to listen to you.

I remember Ashley on Brad's season and thought she was a doll, and I have heard her speak on a podcast or 2, and she seems like a wonderful person. I think sometimes things get lost in translation on social media, because the mean, angry Ashley I see on twitter isn't the same Ashley I saw on TV or listen to in podcasts. She has a much softer, understanding, empathetic tone in podcasts than she does on twitter.

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