The new Ben and Ashley I podcast with Ashley Spivey was so amazing and powerful. Wow.

I said somewhere else on this post: I am interested in listening to this podcast to understand how Ben and Ashley resolved their miscommunication/differences/etc. I think it can be a great learning tool for all!

I admire Ashley for being able to acknowledge she was wrong in how she handled the situation with Ben. I don't want anything more from her. I think she is a human being with faults just like I am a human being with faults just like everyone else is a human being with faults.

I think Ashley has good, pure intentions, but her delivery is off, and I think she is learning as a human being just like the rest of us are throughout life.

The woman I saw on TV and in podcasts, once again is a very empathetic, understanding, kind the kind of person I would want as one of my best friends. But when I read her twitter, I want nothing to do with her. I think this podcast with Ben (I haven't listened yet) will help her communicate better with others rather than attacking them. I'm sure Ben learned a lot too.

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