New Book Reveals Trump’s a Bigger, Dumber Asshole Than We Thought

One of the comments on this article on pretty much sums it up...

The excerpt from this book that was published in The Washington Post this morning is enough to make you want to beat the ever loving shit out of anyone, male or female, that you see or hear defending this crass, stupid, proudly ignorant buffoon. The fact that the man selected by white folks to lead this country is so fucking dumb that they had to use props to explain NATO to him isn’t the worst part. The worst part was his insulting the men and women who VOLUNTEERED to protect this country not for money but because they felt a calling to do so. The fact that this five time draft dodging bum ass coward is still drawing breath after berating a room full of career military men and women is a damn travesty, No one that has his family’s name or deformed rat like genes has ever served this country and wouldn’t know sacrifice if it kicked them in their flat asses. If you voted for this man and continue to support him I don’t ever want to hear one fucking word about the flag, kneeling and anything else that you cretinous, traitors deem as unpatriotic. You don’t give two shits about this country if you support this soulless cocksucker. His grave better be unmarked when he dies because there will be a line that could fill The Rose Bowl a million times over of people wanting to rightfully piss on it.

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