New brush brings lather problems

My dude, did you really not do the basic break in method? I'm strictly a Semogue Boar guy. My first brush took about 6 months to break in, I had no idea of the method (which speeds up the process to only about 3 days).

When you get a new Boar or badger, first thing is soak it with warm water and dawn dish soap for a while. Then take it out and lather it up heavily and let it sit there with lather on it for 24 hours. (To get the animal smell off). After that soak it in a glass of water for for 24 hours IN THE FRIDGE! Take it out after 24 hours and brush it on a clean dry towel for about 10 minutes. Then back in some clean cold water IN THE FRIDGE for another 24 hours. Wipe on a towl for 10 minutes again and you'll have the softest brush in town. you can do it a third time for a supremely broken in brush. Saves you about 6 months of poor face lathers to break it in and turns it into about 2 - 3 days.

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