[New Chapter Spoilers] Chapter 82 Prerelease Megathread

the recent arcs offer a new perspective on what could be considered the most important scene in the early portion of the series ie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeTJ3zSsSfg lets briefly reassess grishas words with the new information weve acquired over the last 2 arcs "When I get back, I'll show you the basement that I've kept secret all this time. -why was grisha intending to show eren the contents of the basement when at this point he had 0 awareness of the forthcoming col attack?? grishas reveal was in response to erens determination to join the scouts with this in mind what was grishas hiding given hes from outside the walls? Keep this key on you at all times. And every time you see it, remember.-post hypnotic suggestion installed by grisha with t6he key functioning as the anchor for a repressed memory/embedded command -zekes people are aware of hypnosis! Remember that you must visit that basement! This injection will make you forget all of this, so there's no use explaining now. Listen.-the titan serums first appearance aka spinal fluid You must retake Wall Maria and reach the basement! I'm certain this ability will help when that time comes!-HES REFERRING TO THE COORDINATE HERE!! Their memories will tell you how to use it!-REISS FAMILY REFERENCE Eren! You'll understand the truth someday,-THE TRUTH ABOUT?? if you visit the basement! -HMM IF RATHER THEN WHEN PRESUPPOSES POTENTIAL FAILURE TO REACH THE BASEMENT INTERESTING WORD CHOICE OVER "WHEN: WHICH PRESUPPOSES SUCCESS It will be a harsh, painful journey but you must reach it-WHY MUST HE REACH IT???! If you want to save Mikasa, Armin, and everyone else you must learn to control this ability!"- THE CO ORDINATE AGAIN! what event did grisha foresee which would require erens mastery of the coordinate??

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