The new charge move mechanic and TSA rules

I'm pretty sure, having watched an episode or 100 of pokemon, that I've heard Ash yell "Pikachu, use thunderbolt" at least once. If I am to understand correctly his opponents are all wearing some device that blocks those commands from being heard? I'm fairly certain that's not the case because I've also heard "dodge it" once or twice. Meh I guess they are all deaf.

Ooops sorry I forgot Silphites are allergic to sarcasm. I'll be plain. Of course you should be able to see what move your opponent is using. It should be flashed on the screen before it hits you while you are deciding to use a shield "dodge" or not.

The next complaint is that other people will be watching the swipe actions and passing that information on. GOOD! Sorry, but it's not a secret. It's public information once you've used a move and once you've used a poke. If you want it kept secret keep it in storage for a later round. Alas those are not the rules.

So everyone plays in their own private tent? oops sarcasm again. meh

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