New crew member

What I like about her is that she's a little crazy in just the right way.

Both Nami and Robin act like "responsible adults" with the other crew, always keeping them grounded, and so they are always on the outside of their wild shenanigans. But you get the sense that someone needs to hold Yamato back from doing extremely stupid and dangerous things all the time.

She's got the bone-headed attitude of Luffy rushing straight into danger. She has the warrior mentality of Zoro, and if she takes after he father she can probably be his drinking buddy. She can potentially have hilarious encounters with Sanji. Unlike Robin and Nami who have to put up with the sexual harassment from Sanji and Brook, she'll likely club the offender into the ground right away. She's passionate and seems to have peculiar "dreams" that she chases, like everyone else on the crew. She's also has clearly had a troubled past that she is finally ready to face. She's thirsting for adventure on the wild seas. It just seems like a perfect fit.

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